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New online casino games – Who needs new casino games?

A variety of products and / or services offered is one of the main conditions to attract customers. In the business game you are games first. Different places offer different games, but the main ones are poker, blackjack, and roulette. Less popular and therefore rare in gambling houses are game of dice and baccarat. There are also about 10 special games in the world. However, there are many more games in the casino. Where do they come from? They appear due to different things:

1. Inventions

Each year, about 2-3 new author games appear in international exhibitions. In the beginning that casino operators attract for their rarity to a large extent, to examine them, carefully read incomprehensible rules and try to play these know-how. But his interest gradually disappears. In fact, these games are not interesting and sometimes it can be difficult to understand not only for a common player, but representative of the casino as well. Also many games require special equipment. Even if the owner places a table for such a game, casino customers will be disappointed by it: “Too hard, boring, is not interesting.” And often: “There is no possibility”.

2. Casino Inventions

From time to time the owner or employees of game houses invent quite interesting games. However, they have no future, as well for the reasons mentioned above: “I do not want to spend money to learn new games.”

3. Innovations, based on the change of existing games

In this case, thinking about a new game, it is enough to change the rules of one already existing.

So, what makes the gambling houses to introduce new games in a casino? Are the modern players bored with the original version of the roulette, the Blackjack and Poker? Not at all. Except some types of poker, which are popular today due to really interesting innovations, all new games are just a small marketing aid in casino promotion actions. They do not have any game effect.

If a game is too complicated and the casino earns a lot, the players leave at the same time. It is not interesting for customers who play too simple and ineffective games. Much more attractive to them are games with history, like roulette, queen of games; poker, which has many combinations; Intellectual Blackjack, which has so many or even more combinations of poker games. Also, if an online casino offers bonuses in a free box form, these bonuses turn the edge of the house that normally exists in these casino games on a player edge on the house. That is why online casinos began not to allow some games in order to qualify for betting requirements in their bonus offers. Online casinos that the Blackjack Disallow from its bonus offers lose a lot of good customers. There are still many casinos that blackjack does not allow the betting requirements that qualify game, but a player should always look at what games these casinos allow, and play only if the house’s advantage will be small enough as in the casino games In a position to provide good value for the bonus.

There is the opinion that for most players it is not so important to play. The most important thing for them is an atmosphere of a game. For example, roulette – people are trying to reach the back of this game for ages. Naturally, it is easy to join them and try their luck.

As a result, it seems that the same games like roulette, blackjack, poker are popular in the casino, and all rest maintained happy manager that there is “a variety of games” there. That is not bad at all; The most important thing is that casino players and employees are satisfied.

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